Is Miami One Of The Smart Cities? Is Miami One Of The Smart Cities?

Is Miami One Of The Smart Cities?

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Smart phones. Smart watches. Smart fridges, toasters, televisions, and...cities? All of these are real things, but what does the “smart” in “smart devices” actually mean? And what about those smart cities?

A smart device is any everyday object that has been “made intelligent” by adding with a computer and connecting it to the Internet. This connection has led to the formation of something known as “the Internet of Things” or IoT, which is shorthand for objects being connected online.

Take a watch, add a digital interface, and give it Internet access, and it becomes a smart watch. Do the same thing with glasses, clothing, earphones, cars, and other day-to-day objects, and the same applies.

But what was that we were saying about smart cities?

A Closer Look At Smart Cities?

Smart cities are defined as any metropolitan city that uses digital technologies across the entire city in order to carry out its functions. Through various digital methods, this tech optimizes the city’s functions and drives economic growth. This can include anything from improving the quality of life for citizens to improved data analysis for helping refine various important processes.

Collected data works serves dozens of great purposes. These include:

  • managing and monitoring traffic and transportation systems

  • power plants

  • utilities

  • water supply networks

  • waste management

  • crime detection

  • information systems

  • schools

  • libraries

  • hospitals

  • community services

Sensors collect electronic data from a variety of means; citizens, devices and assets. With the hopes of improving communication and development functions, they work to gain the most accurate, up-to-date data. With city officials reviewing the accurate data while integrating the information and communication technology (ICT), the city can easily see where improvements can be made.

It is a very structured, ongoing learning process, for which most smart cities have gained much positive feedback from their citizens and can only be a beacon for potential new residents. It offers much more information than we have had previously. City officials compare it to taking a magnifier to their city and seeing things they never had before.

Is Miami A Smart City?

According to South Florida Business Journal, Miami is leading the way of becoming the model smart city in South Florida, and possibly the nation.

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Is Miami One Of The Smart Cities?
Smart phones. Smart watches. Smart fridges, toasters, televisions, and...cities? All of...