Greenness: The Green Cities Movement Greenness: The Green Cities Movement

Greenness: The Green Cities Movement

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

While we might not all agree on how or why, it’s clear to most of us that the climate has faced some extreme weather conditions in recent years. While scientists and politicians debate these issues, local governments in cities around the world are working proactively to respond to future threats of environmental challenges. And this ‘green cities’ movement has had a proven financial impact on the cities that have tried it.

Europe has really taken the lead in this, London recently named The World’s First National Park City. This means it will re-imagine its green locations and improve outdoor space for wildlife and humans alike. Its goal is to reduce its carbon footprint and enhance biodiversity while planting more greenery with becoming a more sustainable city.

Organizers of this greenness campaign plan to name at least another 25 cities by 2025. Newcastle and Glasgow have already signed on, with many more coming online soon. They are hoping, with more cities on board, that the cities can then communicate interdependently. Cities can share information with each other, coordinating useful data for all.

Benefits Of Green Cities

  • Physical Health

  • Mental Health

  • Reduction in Extreme Heat

  • Alleviate Pollution

  • Potential Mitigation of Climate Risks

By 2050, studies show that 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities. This campaign is a massive undertaking which needs to benefit both people and the environment. With increased public demand, greener options and openness to new ideas, this campaign will have the ability to change how cities operate in the future.

Miami, Your Next Home

The city of Miami has taken its own measures in joining the world's green cities, a process which involves much of the ideas and values of this campaign. Luxury Living Listings is your key to finding your next condo or home of your dreams. Call on us today to view any of the properties available.

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Greenness: The Green Cities Movement
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